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Saint Expeditus

With gratitude and love to Saint Expeditus

Saint Expeditus (also called Saint Expedite) is one of my very favourite Saints. If you have a problem that needs resolution quickly, he is the one to petition. I have called upon him many times, and he has never failed me. I am deeply grateful for his services.

When petitioning Saint Expeditus remember that payment is expected for his work. A slice of pound cake, a glass of beer and public thanks is the usual reward for the completion of his duty.

It is important to recognize that the resolution offered to your problem may be in an unexpected manner. For example, if you request money to pay for your rent, you may be offered a loan rather than recieve a windfall. Take what comes with grace and gratitude and be certain to make the payment you promiced, even if the results are not what you expected.

Feel free to use the image below as part of your public thanks for the kind services of this attentive Saint.

Saint Expedite