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Faerie Artifacts found at Pixie Hill

• Mushrooms and Toadstools
• Fairy Dust Specimens
• Fairy Godmother Frocks
• Fairy Wands
• Weaponry

Additional Faerie Information

A Warning
Some faeries pinch, and none of them like to be captured. Please do not plan on keeping one in a jar. It is believed that trapped, they will become quite angry and turn themselves into a puddle of water! Really, it is best to heed the saying "Don't piss off the faeries!"

What's this "faerie" word? Don't you mean f-a-i-r-y?
Both spellings are correct. Some people, such as myself, prefer to use "faerie" to distinguish real and true nature spirits (encompassing elves, gnomes, trolls, pixies, sprites etcetera) from the fluttery make-believe Disney-esque "fairy".

On the Seeing of Faerie's
Faeries are hard to see. Some people can not see them at all. Even if you are very lucky, you might just catch a movement or shadow of a pixie or imp from the corner of your eye. In all my years as a friend of the little people, I have had a good glimpse of exactly two faeries. Both of my sightings were quite by surprise and a rare privilege. Like many other creatures, it is often traces of activity that provide the best evidence of their presence.

Signs of faerie activity include:
• piles of sticks
• neat rows of stones
• lines of toadstools
• rings of mushrooms
• squirrels and robbins acting anxiously
• toads standing guard
• strange objects in odd places
• finding unexpected collections items where they probably should not be
• small holes or strange tracks
• arrangements of acorns or pinecones
• clothing falling off the hanging line
• music, chimes or laughing seemingly carried on the wind
• strange lights or glowing
• missing items or items suddenly 'misplaced'
• sudden souring of milk

But I want to SEE one! How do I increase my odds?
Faeries inhabit both rural and urban areas. Gardens, parks, steams and forests as well as dim and quiet indoor spaces like cellars, cupboards and attics are some spots they might be found.

To encourage activity, consider leaving a small offering. It is important not to overdo it! Moderation is important as an over abundance will be interpreted as an insult to the wee folk. Consider offerings of the following as an invitation or 'thank you' to the little people:
• melodic music
• honey, jam and bread
• smooth pebbles
• old buttons
• marbles
• gems
• sweet wine
• nice quality beer
• three pennies or pins

Note: there is much folklore stating that milk is an acceptable offering but I disagree. After leaving a small glass of milk, I found my entire batch had turned sour the next day! Perhaps it has to do with modern pasteurization? My faerie friends do not like it one bit.

On a grander scale you some pot some plants or add their favourite flowers and plants to your garden. They LOVE thyme and keep a healthy supply here. Keeping a thyme plant just for the little people (no sneaking snippets for cooking!) is a great way to invite them to share your space. They are also terribly fond of messy berry brambles and old fashioned gooseberry bushes.

Holed stones are believed to be great tools in helping one to see through the veil and spy faeries. The most magical of these are natural stones that you find yourself. But you could always create your own Faerie Spying Stone or spoon wand (spoons being wonderful magical tools).

Finally, consider the timing of your 'hunt'. The best results are believed to be achieved:
• at noon and midnight
• on mid-summers night
• at twilight
• on May Day
• Halloween

Help with not-quite-nice fairies
There are all sorts of faerie folk and to be honest there are some in the realm that are not quite nice. The goblins who live at the bottom of our hill are always tripping people and sending squads of mosquitoes to chase mortals away. Here are a few things believed to protect against not-so-nice creatures:
• iron
• cloves, bay, tomato, black pepper, salt
• churchyard mould
• wind chimes, whistling, bells, clapping
• daisy chains
• flax sprinkled on the floor
• bibles, crosses, crucifix, holy water
• horseshoes, four leaf clovers
• St. Johns Wort, Verbena
• ashes from a spent fire sprinkled around the home or placed in a bottle on the window sill
• inside out/backwards clothes
• a knife under your pillow
• a sock under your bed
• broken mirrors
• witch bottles
• cats
• pentagrams

I have met a few people who were terribly pestered by faeries and were caused a great deal of grief by them. It really is a good idea to stay on their good side and encourage the presence of positive folk. A few good rules of thumb:

• DO NOT give them too much. They will see it as an insult rather than a gift.

• Being lazy, dishonest, cheap or discourteous will drive them away... or worse, cause them to pick on you!

• DO NOT disturb any area you believe they inhabit.

• They prefer to be (mostly) left to their own devices. Think of them as neighbours that you are kindly to, but keep at a respectful distance.

Yeah, but you know there's no such thing as...
STOP RIGHT THERE! I absolutely and wholeheartedly believe in faeries. I have been very fortunate to have had a positive relationship with the little people for a number of years. The existence of the fae is a perfectly reasonable belief in some parts of the world. There are many modern day believers out there... probably far more than you would ever guess!

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Some books that might interest you:

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