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In 2010, after the worst 8 months of my life (I'm looking at you CB Freezers and Quinte West city council), my family found sanctuary in an old 1883 farmhouse, in the beautiful town of Brighton, Ontario. The house was wobbly, crooked and more than a little drafty, but to us, especially after the year we had endured, it was heaven.

Our lives improved from the very day we moved in. It quickly became clear that this place was more than a refuge, strange and wonderful things happened all around. The end of the rainbow appeared on our front lawn. Pumpkins sprouted where none had been planted. Frogs would listen to bedtime stories at second story windows. Cross my heart, every word is true!

It was too much to keep for myself, so I began to recreate the enchantment for others through my artwork. I poured it out, through my hands, into the world. And people responded! Little old ladies chat with fondness about their childhood memories. Children are swept away by real life fairy tales. I began to truly understand the powerful positive impact that art can have.

There is no doubt in my mind that this house and it's hills saved me. I absolutely believe in the magic of this place, the goodness of it. I thank the twinkling stars every single night for the the rolling hills and completely crooked place pictured above, this endless, boundless, source of inspiration and happiness.

And so today, I sit in this old and drafty place, making messes, spreading wonder and enchantment to anyone clever enough to believe in the magic that a crooked old house can hold.

Since moving in our family of three has grown to include a dog, a handful of laying hens, 2 finches, guinea pigs and far too many squirrels. Each of us is happy as can be.

If you'd like to stop by for a coffee, chat, or arrange a private workshop, drop me a note at info@pixiehill.com.