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WARNING: I am not above turning people into toads... I've done it before. Providing this infomation does NOT grant permission to reproduce my work for sale, for paid instruction, to be distributed as your own work or without credit, or for ANY commercial use. You are a smarty pants - use your noggin and don't be a jerk.

Absolutely DO make for personal use, in classrooms, and for FREE group activites. Inspired to make something? Excellent! Show it off and tag me, link to me, gimme a shout-out! It's appreciated and it's the nice thing to do.

Tutorials and Downloads on the blog

How to... Make a Faerie Spying Stone
Step by step instructions on how to make Holed Stones which some believe can be used for spying on faerie folk.

How to... Make an Altered Faerie Journal
Create a tiny faerie journal that looks like it was just plucked from the woods. The perfect project for practicing your doodling and scribbling.

How to... Make an Teeny Weeny Toadstools
Hop over to the blog to see a video demonstration, showing how I make those teeny weeny toadstools.

Fairy Godmother Collage Sheet BW or COLOUR
Pointy hats, wings, and other nice things for making
your very own fairy godmother collage.

A Page of Perfectly Spooky Words
An entire page of spooky words typed up on my old time Underwood typewriter and scanned in for your making.

Printable Cootie Catcher/ Salt Cellar
Remember those folded paper fortune thing-a-ma-bobs? My husband says they are called "Cootie Catchers". Apparently they are also called "Salt Cellars".  I prefer "wishy fortune catcher things".

Old Timey Photos
Two dozen old photos for your own mess making!

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