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How to... make an altered faerie journal

Not very long ago I created a series of miniature 'altered faerie journals'. They were teeny little books that looked like they might have been made by the wee folk. Someone said that to stumble upon one might just inspire belief in faerie creatures. Imagine finding a teeny weeny book filled with faerie treasures and doodles! I immediately made a whole batch of the little things and hid them around my home town for strangers to find.

This tutorial will help you to make your own faerie book to keep or to hide. Fill it with thread and feathers, little bits of paper and other faerie finds. Here's how...

Gather some different papers together... size doesn't matter

Give them a wash of white (both sides). Don't be too neat! Do it willy nilly.

Now add some splotches of colour.

Add some interest to the pages. Don't go crazy embellishing at this point... just add a touch of this and a dash of that. Doodling on them while watching tv is great because it helps to take the focus away from making them 'pretty'.

Cut (I prefer to tear with a ruler) your pages into small, similar sized pieces and put them in stacks of about 4 or 5. These ones measure about 4" x 2.5"

Fold the pages together and create a good crease.

Punch holes in your pages...
I use a teeny hole punch but you could use an awl or a nail.

To make a thicker book I put two or three folded stacks together, using a punched page as a template for the other stacks.

Cut your cover material slightly larger than your folded page size. If you are using leather or something rather thick for a cover, use your pages as a guide to punch holes that align with your pages. If you are using fabric you can skip the holes since you can just stitch right through.

Now, using a needle and thread, sew the cover to the book using the holes that you punched. Experiment with different ways to string them all together.

At this point I trim the edges of my covers so that everything looks almost straight. I'm a terror when it comes to measuring and working so small, it really shows when you're off... which I often am.

Depending on your material... beware of fraying (unless you like that sort of thing... I do!) You can prevent fraying by putting a tiny bit of glue or clear nail polish along the edges of the fabric.

Now embellish to your hearts content!

Ta da! Now go out and make a whole bunch of these!
Give them to your friends or hide them for strangers to find and contemplate if there really is faerie life :)