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How to... make a faerie spying stone

Faeries are a sly bunch. They are quick as a wink and well camouflaged to boot. It’s difficult to get a good look at the wee things. I often catch a fleeting glance of them while I hang my laundry on the line. While daydreaming they dance in my peripheral vision.

There are a number of ways to get a better look at the wee folk. One of those ways is by looking through a Faerie Stone (also called a hag stone, witch stone, holy stone, holed stone). A true and proper Faerie Stone is a natural stone in which a hole has been formed by the elements. But there’s a great deal of power in your thoughts and the energy of making and you might just be able to catch a glimpse if you create your own holed stone.

You can add to your own version of a Faerie Sight Stone by adding faerie flowers, good intentions and charms to your own hand made creation.

1. Take a big pinch of clay. About a tablespoon will do.

2. If you like, gather some herbs and petals the faerie folk might like.
(Ppssst, petals/leaves are optional.)

3. Combine the clay and the flowers.
Be careful not to add too many or your clay will crumble when dried. Just a few petals will do. The above photo shows how to perfectly over do it :)

4. Form the clay into a sort of rounded disc.

5. Poke a hole in the middle.

6. Smooth the disc with a wet finger.
(Note: this disc does not have petals in the clay)

7. When they are dry you might want to sand them down a little bit. This will get rid of any fingerprints and look more natural.

8. Give them a runny coat of an earthy coloured paint.

9. Use a stiff paintbrush or toothbrush to splatter paint onto the discs.
Using two or three different shades to form layers of colour will give your
stone a more natural look. Be sure to do both sides!

10. If your splattering looks too harsh mix up a milky, runny blend of paint
and give your stones a light wash.

11. Continue to make light layers of paint and splatters
until you are pleased with the look of your stone.

12. Give your Faerie Sight Stones a protective coat of sealant.

Now embellish as you wish! Wear it around your neck on a length of ribbon or hang it by your front door so that it’s always on hand for peeking at the fae.

Especially good times to try and spy faeries through your stones are: noon and midnight, mid-summers night, twilight hours, May Day, Halloween. Some say that you need to walk backwards and recite a specific chant too!